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Holiday Club

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Charleston Community Church
Charleston Community Church
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Holiday Club for Primary Age Youths - 3rd to 6th July 2023

Calling all buckaroos and cowgirls! Get ready for an action-packed journey into the Wild West at our Church Holiday Club. This year, our theme is “Wanted: Redeemed by Jesus,” where we’ll discover that we may be ‘wanted’ as criminals, but Jesus offers us redemption and a new life. Primary school-aged children are invited to join us for an exciting week filled with fun activities, games, crafts, stories, and so much more!

Gather ‘round, young outlaws, as we explore the untamed frontier of the Wild West. Through captivating stories, we’ll learn how Jesus seeks out and redeems each one of us, even when we may feel lost or like outlaws in need of saving. Our adventure will be filled with laughter, learning, and discovering the boundless love of Jesus.

Get ready for a hoedown of excitement! From thrilling treasure hunts to lassoing challenges and cowboy crafts, there’s something for every little wrangler at our Holiday Club. We’ll engage in games that teach us about forgiveness, teamwork, and the transformative power of Jesus’ love. Let your creativity run wild as we make Western-themed crafts that remind us of our redemption in Christ.

Uncover the Gospel Truth: Throughout the week, we’ll dive into Bible stories that highlight how Jesus redeems even the most ‘wanted’ among us. Through interactive storytelling, songs, and group discussions, we’ll understand the incredible gift of salvation and the freedom it brings. Our Holiday Club is a safe space where questions are encouraged, and faith is nurtured.

Howdy, Partner! Join the Adventure: We invite all primary school-aged children to join our Church Holiday Club from 3 - 6 July (Monday to Thursday) 9:15 to 1:00. Saddle up and bring your friends along for a rootin’ tootin’ week of Wild West fun and the life-changing message of redemption.

Note: We prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants, and our Church Holiday Club follows strict guidelines to ensure a secure environment for everyone.

Lasso your sense of adventure and journey into the Wild West with us at our Church Holiday Club! It’s going to be a week of faith, fun, and the redeeming love of Jesus that will leave your little cowpokes with memories to cherish for a lifetime.