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Youth Camp Update

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Charleston Community Church
Charleston Community Church
Good News for Charleston

Free Church Youth Camps are a great way for kids to learn more about Jesus and grow friendships with other young Christians

This year, five kids from Charleston attended the Renfrew Free Church Kids Camp. They described their experience with adjectives like “fun,” as they reveled in exciting and mysterious activities that kept them guessing each day as they were kept a surprise. The “tasty food” tantalized their taste buds, adding to the overall enjoyment of their adventure. Throughout the camp, they cherished every moment as an “experience” that left lasting memories. Engaging in “fun Bible activities” allowed them to explore their faith in an interactive and meaningful way, making the Renfrew camp a truly enriching and joyous experience for each young participant from Charleston.

About the Leaders of the Renfrew Camp:

The Renfrew Camp, led by Deuan and Paula, active members of St Peter’s Free Church in Dundee, Scotland, was held from the 8th to the 15th of July 2023. Deuan, who has embraced Scotland as his home for two decades after a successful career as a research scientist, retrained as a primary school teacher. Meanwhile, Paula, with extensive experience working with children and young people, sees the camp as an opportunity for campers to understand how God’s plan for salvation impacts every aspect of their lives. She fosters an environment for critical thinking about God and the Bible, facilitating personal faith growth. Deuan’s focus is to create a setting where young people can engage with their faith independently and where leaders learn from each other, while supporting young individuals who have chosen to follow Jesus through daily discipleship. Their joint efforts aim to make the Free Church Camp a place of spiritual growth, self-reflection, and fellowship for all participants.