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About Us

Charleston Community Church Vision

Our vision is to be a vibrant and transformative church, deeply rooted in the Word of God, passionately committed to honoring God, and centered on the person and work of Jesus Christ. We aspire to be a beacon of light, love, and hope in our community and beyond, impacting lives with the life-changing message of the Gospel.

Charleston Community Church is a family of Christian believers, united by our belief in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who lived, died, and rose again, so that we, and anyone else who believes in him, can be reunited with our Heavenly Father.

Our hope is that everything we do is for God’s glory, not our own, as we seek to see Jesus known and praised across Dundee, Scotland, and the rest of the world. These beliefs and desires are underpinned by the Bible, the Word of God, which we hold as our highest authority. As individuals, and as a church family, we read it, learn from it and seek to apply it to our lives.

We are a church plant of St Peter’s Free Church on the Perth Road in Dundee. Our minister Andy Robertson and the church elders are charged from St Peter’s to devote themselves to the people of Charleston and to share the Gospel to that community of 4,500 people.

Further we have partnered with 20 Schemes a church planting initiative that focuses on schemes, the most impoverished communities in Scotland. The process of church planting in Charleston involves building partnerships with local churches, recruiting indigenous church planters, gospel workers, and interns to form a dedicated team. Living within the community is a key strategy to reach the schemes. 20 Schemes focuses on evangelism, discipleship, and one-to-one Bible study, to foster healthy spiritual growth. They offer support and contextual training to church planters, aiming to empower indigenous leaders within the schemes.

We want Charleston Community Church to be a church made up of people from Charleston that will do four key things: REACH the lost with the gospel, TEACH people how to live obediently to Jesus, TRAIN future gospel leaders and SEND them out to other parts of Dundee and Scotland.

-Andy Robertson

We are also a member of the wider Free Church of Scotland. This means that we are a Presbyterian Church, united with and supported by many other churches across Scotland and further afield, based on our common theology and beliefs.

However, this does not mean that you have to be a member of the Free Church of Scotland to attend! Everyone is warmly welcome especially to the What’s on activities.


Meet the Church Team
Elders The Bible teaches that churches should be led by elders. Charleston Community Church has three elders who provide overall leadership and serve in different ways through the life of the church.
Support Us
As Charleston Community Church comes together to worship, learn, and grow, there are several ways individuals can contribute to the church’s mission.