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Church Planting Vision

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The Free Church of Scotland Vision for a Healthy Gospel Church in Every Community in Scotland

In the heart of Scotland’s spiritual landscape, the Free Church envisions a profound transformation—a vision of cultivating a healthy gospel church in every community across the land. This vision is a call to faith, ministry, and mission for every believer to be a part of.

Embracing Wholeness in Ministry, Mission, and Training

At its core, this vision seeks to nurture churches that excel in ministry, mission, and training. It envisions congregations that provide robust spiritual leadership, actively engage with their communities, and equip their members with the knowledge and skills needed for service. These churches will serve as beacons of light and hope, enriching the lives of those they touch.

God’s Plan for Flourishing

This vision is not merely a human endeavor; it aligns with the divine plan for God’s church to flourish not just in Scotland but far beyond its borders. It embodies the belief that as we faithfully fulfill our mission, the church will grow in health and extend its impact across the globe.

A Collaborative Mission Beyond Denomination

This grand vision joins with individuals, partners, and organizations who share the commitment to spread Christ’s saving message. It’s a testament to the fact that building healthy gospel churches is a collective mission that transcends denominational boundaries.

God at the Heart of It All

The foundation of a healthy gospel church is God Himself. It’s about coming together to worship Him, to learn from His Word, and to put into practice the teachings of the Bible. But it’s not limited to the confines of church walls—it extends into communities, ensuring that every soul hears the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

A Grand Plan for Church Planting

A bold aspect of this vision is the plan to plant 30 new churches by 2030. These new churches will sprout in the Highlands, central belts, east coast, west coast, suburban areas, city centers, and rural regions. It’s a comprehensive vision that aims to serve the diverse needs of Scotland.

The Need for New Ministers and Resources

To realize this ambitious goal, there’s a pressing need for 70 new ministers in the next decade. This endeavor demands resources, finances, teachers, and educational opportunities. It’s a challenge that calls for unity and dedication.

True to the Bible and Relevant to Society

The key to developing a healthy gospel church lies in striking a balance between faithfulness to the Bible and relevance to contemporary society. This balance ensures that the church remains rooted in its biblical heritage while effectively engaging with the challenges of the modern world.

Sharing the Gospel: A Collective Responsibility

Sharing the gospel is not the exclusive responsibility of a few; it’s a collective duty. It’s about recognizing the presence of Jesus in our lives and sharing His message with those we encounter. Everyone has a role to play.

The Power of Prayer

Prayer is the heartbeat of this vision. It acknowledges that, ultimately, it is God who grows a healthy church. Prayer is the foundation upon which this vision rests, seeking divine guidance, intervention, and transformation.

How Can You Get Involved?

If you’re eager to be part of this transformative journey, start by praying. Seek God’s vision for your local situation. Engage in conversations within your congregation or Presbytery, exploring what it means to grow in health. Connect with the Mission Board to share your plans and discover how they can assist.

Charleston Community Church is glad to be a part of this vision. Please join in the commitment to participate, contribute, and pray. As this vision takes root and flourishes, it promises to bring renewed vitality to Scotland’s spiritual landscape and illuminate the path to Christ for countless souls. Learn more at: Free Church - Healthy Gospel Church